(Solved) Kindle Won’t Turn On – A Very Common Issue in Amazon Kindle

The avid book readers are nowadays opting for the convenient kindle ebook reader. The Kindle reader is the convenient way to read multiple books by saving the environment and also at the low price. The functionality of the Kindle to store thousands of books is the main reason readers are attracted to it. But just like any other electronic device, the kindle faces some problems. The Kindle won’t turn on is one such common problem the users encounter while using the device.

kindle won't turn onIf you are a kindle device user, then you should take proper care if the device and avoid the Kindle won’t turn On issue.

But as this is an electronic device, even adequate care won’t save it from the technical issues.

If you are facing the Kindle technical issue and don’t know the solutions to fix it, then you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to share the working method to fix the Kindle not turning on error.

Also, you’ll learn how to ask customer support for help for fixing such issues.

How to Fix Kindle won’t Turn ON?

If you are facing the Kindle not Turning ON issue for the first time, it is evident to panic at the beginning. But, all you have to do is to follow the methods we are mentioning in this post and get rid of the same problem to read books on the device. Here are some working solutions when kindle won’t turn ON.

Method #1 – Power Button Method

All of the electronic devices force start when you press the power button for a long time. We are going to do the same by holding the power button.

  1. First, try to Turn on your Kindle device normally. If it won’t turn ON, then Press and Hold the Power Button for 40 Seconds.
  2. After 40 seconds, release the power button and wait for a few more seconds.
  3. Now, press and hold the power button again until the Kindle Turns ON.
  4. It’ll turn ON automatically after holding the power button the second time.
  5. Before following this method, make sure you have fully charged kindle in the hand.

Method #2 – Fully Charge the Device

The Battery Discharge is one of the main issues that users fail to notice. If the device battery is discharged, then all of the available solutions fail to apply. That’s why the Amazon asks the users to fully charge their device with the appropriate charger and then try to turn ON the device. Before following, Method #1, make sure the Kindle Device is fully charged and if it’s not, then fully charge it with the provided charger.

Method #3 – Contact Customer Support

If method #2 won’t work for you, then you should ask for expert intervention. The Amazon provides the  Tech support for fixing the Kindle Tech Issues. The Kindle Tech Support helps the people who are facing technical issues with their devices. The dedicated customer support staff is very helpful in providing prompt solutions to their customers. All you have to do is to dial Kindle Tech Support Phone number and explain your issue to get the immediate solutions on your PC.

Final Words

Thanks to the Kindle Tech Support from Amazon, the users can now ask for the exact steps and solutions from the experts and get rid of the technical issue they are facing. Before calling the Kindle Tech Support Phone number, make sure to follow method #1 as the solution for Kindle Won’t Turn ON issue.

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